Philadelphia Veterans Parade:

Thank-A-Vet  is a Fun and Personal way for America to Say "Thank You"
to the Women and Men who have Served in the Military, as well as their Families 

Memorial Day, Washington DC 2013

Our Ability focused Resocialization Program Assists Veterans with accomplishing  enjoyable work in the community that helps Inspire the experience of Self Worth, Loyalty, Patriotism while Sharing
'Cups of Camaraderie' (Coffee) in Our Veteran Coffee Clubs!

BBQ @ Brady Veteran Center

Thank You, Councilman Squilla, Veterans Advisory Commission, Joe Eastman, Bruce Boice, PVMSEC and Philadelphia, For reminding Ray White that the
United States will not Forget to Thank Our Veterans!

Thank You, Sea Questers and Navy Marine team @ Dragon Boat Regatta
for raising 900$for Thank-A-Vet  and for bringing home the Gold!!

Thank You Keenan Honda and the Military Order of the Purple Hearts
for raising and donating over 3,000 pounds of clothing
for our Veterans and their Families!!

JPMorgan Chase
to hire 100,000 Veterans
Sr. Operations Analyst Position open @ Bank of NY Mellon
Comcast and NBC Universal to hire 1,000 more Veterans

'Heroes get Hired' use your military service during the interview

Camp Corral;
An amazing week of non-stop fun in the great outdoors for children of our military heroes 

Thank-A-Vet  is an Easy, Fun and Personal way for America to say, "Thank You" 

to the Women and men who have stood up to protect our Freedom

 Join the H/H Campaign and give Free Hugs and Handshakes
to Veterans and their Families

For Our Freedom
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Hug and a Handshake 
      from any member of Thank-A-Vet
at any function hosted by or attended by us


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Please VOTE everyday for all 30 days in April


A Hero's Welcome
AHW Hotline at 484-679-1717 for updates  on where and when to Welcoming our Heroes Home!


Become a 'Gratitude Ambassador' and Thank Your Local Veterans!!

Contact us at for details!

Thank You, Girard College, MLK Day of Service

Thank You Marlton Target, Rene, Tom

and Philly Rising

For Helping Us Thank Our Veterans


Thank You United Way, The Hub, Broad Street Ministries, Marlboro High School and Mom (Mrs. Clause)
for helping us to deliver the Christmas Spirit to two Veteran Houses this year!!


 We Give Out FREE Hugs or Handshakes
to ALL Military(past or present) and Family Members


Download the 'Claims Coach' App for Veterans Claims


Shannon (Founder) is currently a Therapist  that works in two Programs that Assist Veterans Transition from Homelessness to Independent Living.  Many Veterans come into the Program with only 1 pair of Socks! The 'Sock Em' Sock Drive was created to Support these Honorable Heroes/ Sheroes on this Journey.  Please donate NEW Socks, Coats, Blankets, Sweatshirts, Dunkin Donut Cards, Supportive Message or Cups of Camaraderie and Help This Country's Veterans Get Back on Their Feet and Into Their Families!


What is Thank-A-Vet:

- We Deliver Gratitude to the Individuals who have made Sacrifices for Our Freedom

- We Host and Attend Events that Honor Veterans and their   Loved  Ones                                                                                                             

- We Provide Posters, Cards and Coffee Cups, giving people the opportunity to Express their Appreciation

- We raise Awareness of the needs of Veterans that are building their road Home

- We Bring Gifts of Gratitude to Local Programs that assist this often overlooked population

- We Sell shirts, bags, stickers, patches, coins and coffee that raise funds to provide these services which provides work for Veterans

- We Share ‘Cups of Camaraderie’ in Veteran Coffee Clubs strengthening support networks and combating isolation, depression, and various physical challenges

- We Advertise Appreciation for Service to Our Country, without Saying a Word

- We Assist Veterans with Volunteering in the Community (visiting nursing homes and working with troubled youth) to continue their mission to Keeping America strong

- We Explore Historical Sites to Celebrate the Beauty of Our Freedom and to remind us of its Inordinate Cost

- We Encourage service Projects in the community (schools and businesses) to raise socks, food and toiletries in unique ways

We Give out FREE H/H (Hugs or Handshakes) to all Military Members, past or present and their family members

- We Believe People are Differently Able, NOT Disable



Thank-A-Vet Serves Philadelphia @ Broad Street Ministries', 'Breaking Bread'! 

'Get Skills to Work' -  Department of Defense has partnered up with big companies like Boeing and GE to train Veterans for Jobs
Goal = 100,000 Veterans trained and working by 2015!! 

 Most Recent Statistics

  • Veterans have a 12-30% unemployment rate
  • 10-18% have PTSD
  • 10% of 18 and older population are Veterans
  • 14% of 18 and older Homeless population are Veterans
  • 67,495 homeless Veterans in a night
  • 145,000 Veterans experienced homelessness for at least one night in a year
  • Veterans have more education then the Civilian population
  • Post 9/11 Veterans have more trouble re-intigrating into society then any other generation
  • Post 9/11 Veterans have a higher survival rate from more extreme injuries then any other generation  

Thank You, Bourse Building, For Helping Us Thank Veterans 
on World Gratitude Day 2012 

Thanks, Babe (Normandy Beach Veteran)

MISSION : Possible
Assisting Veterans and their Families',  
One 'Thank You' at a Time!

Providing opportunities for people to show their gratitude to the men and women who have fought to Obtain and Maintain America's Freedom.

  It is quite shocking to know that  EVERY NIGHT Approximately 200,000 VETERANS ARE HOMELESS!!!!   Thanks to the hard work and commitment of Veteran Organizations, this number has
Dropped To 50,000.

Thank-A-Vet wants to know what your Freedom is worth to you and wants to know what you are willing to do to combat this growing Epidemic... 

"Thank You"

Saying 'Thank You" is Easy!!

Saying "Thank You" is FUN!!

Thanking Tuskegee AirMen

'Riding to Thank those who Served for Us' 
The C3 Project
'Covering the Country with Care'
Please send us Patriotic Fabric Pieces or draw your own Patriotic Picture on Fabric and we will embroider them and sew them together. We will give quilts to American Veterans and Families that need some TLC!
PO Box 36715
Philadelphia, PA 19107


'Feed Our Vets' in Philadelphia
Welcome Home PA Veterans Checklist


Happy 4th of July!

Stand Down


Veteran Coffee Club @ The Bourse

(My Favorite Veteran, Richard Drake [Dad] and his service deer)
Thank You!

or call 800-784-8669

(We Celebrate Veterans and their Loved Ones)

We Salute Our Veterans- Free AARP Driver Safety Course
call 866-238-0294 or (promo code= VETERANS)

Fire Commissioner Ayers signs a Thank you card to 'Thank-A-Vet'


(We Provide Veterans with Linkage to Services)

Joining Forces-
Support for Service Members and Spouces
Write a 'Thank You Note' to Service People and their families!

(We visit Nursing Homes to Thank WWII Veterans)

VRAP- Veterans Retraining Assistance Program
(Excellent New Job Resource through the VA/ DOL)
The VA and the Department of Labor are working together to assist those Veterans that need JOBS!

College Prep courses for Veterans
@ Univ. Of Penn, Upward Bound
14 week evening classes 

9 month Paid Internship for Veterans Project H.O.M.E.
Ed @ 215-232-7272 or

(We Sign 'Thank You for Our Freedom' Signs)

(And Deliver them to Awesome Veterans)

Internship Program for Veterans
Tip of the Arrow Foundation
James @ 301-674-9428 or




Moving Forward Training Programs
for different Certification Program
Veteran Support Group @ YorkHouse
5325 Old York Rd, Philly 19141 M-W 6am- 11am; Thurs 7am- 11am

(We Celebrate Freedom and Honor Our Flag)
Stories from the Trenches:

A 50
year old Veteran stated, "It Feels Good to Feel Good!"  This Veteran shared with me that it has taken him a long time to get to his "happy place" and tried many ways of changing his life.  "You can't be afraid to try something new to get something better."  Thanks for the inspiration, B!!

A 90 
year old Veteran, who had stormed Normandy Beach in World War II and had been involved in 4 other conflicts reminded me that the REAL HEROES are 6 feet underground.  I Thanked Him Anyway!!

A 53
year old Veteran shared that he had built an emotional wall around himself that blocked out all the 'Good' of the world, but a few months ago he made a decision to knock down that wall and build one that blocked out the 'Bad'.  "I used to dread the mornings because I felt like there was no way anything would get better.  I am now excited to wake up in the morning and experience the blessings of each day!"  Thanks, B for reminding me about the Gift of each sunrise!
A 59 year old Veteran shared that having your health is the most important thing and that family is the second.  He agreed that family relationships are the most difficult, but they are worth it.  Thank you B!


A 52 year old Veteran shared that he had to decide to be in a good attitude before they leave their house every morning.

A 62 year old Veteran shared about when he was working as a guard at a prison and there was one inmate that was getting picked on by other inmates and other guards, to the point that the inmate soiled himself.  This Veteran told me that he got fired from that job  because he let the inmate take a shower and gave him a clean pair of clothing.  He said, "Ms. Drake, you can never judge what another man has been through in his life just because of where he's at."  Thank you for the story S. and allowing me to walk 5 minutes in your shoes! 

A 63 year old Veteran shared a story about getting on a Septa bus and seeing an empty seat next to a 15 year old young lady who was black.  She said in an angry tone, "Keep walking, Old Man!" and threw her bag onto the empty seat.  That little girl had NO idea what I have been through so she could sit in that seat."  He told me about shaking hands with John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby,  the many marches he went on with Martin Luther King and living as a Black Panther.  I keep thinking about the great history lessons that 15 year old girl missed out on.  Let's never forget that REAL Heroes wear plain clothing!  Thank you, W, for sharing this story and journey with me!


A 50 year old Veteran shared that Whitney Houston definately went to Heaven because her voice Brought Hope to So Many People!  Thank you P. for reminding me that she was a human being with the Voice of an Angel!


Breaking Bread at Broad Street Ministries
315 South Broad Street, Philadelphia
Veteran Benefit Services, Counseling, Art Therapy, Clothing and Personal Care Items
No Affiliation Necessary
If you are Interested in Donating Money or Time or Attending One of the Events Listed Below, please contact us at

We Helped  U.S. Marine Veteran, 
Mr. Santos Lopez go to the
2012 National Veterans Golden Ages Games
Thank-A-Vet is taking Donations and Volunteers to help a Korean War Veteran who is Blind and Physically Disabled living in West Philadelphia to fix his home and make it safe.
 Cheer on Anthony A. LoBue (69 yearold Vietnam Vet) as he walks
"Support Our Veterans"
'All The Way'
Facts About Homeless Veterans:

- 200,000 Veterans Are Homeless on Any Given Night

- 500,000 Veterans will experience Homelessness throughout the Year

 - Veterans are twice as likely to be Homeless then the Civilian Population

- Being at War has taught Military Peo

The Best Way For America to say that WE STILL CARE!!!

All funds and goods that are raised through this program go directly to Homeless Veterans and their Families.  These he-roes and she-roes need our help to rejoin the communities that they have fought to protect.  Thank-A-Vet wants to know what you are willing to sacrifice for those Individuals who have sacrificed for us.  

What can you do to Thank the Veterans in your Community and Country.  Thank-A-Vet welcomes suggestions on local fund raising events.


Assisting Veterans and Their Families;  
One 'Thank You' at a Time

Thank-A-Vet is a non-profit organization that Generates Funds, SOCKS and Goods for Veterans and their Families by providing Opportunities to show Gratitude to the Nations He-roes and She-roes who have DEFENDED OUR FREEDOM

Contact Us at:
PO Box 36617
Philadelphi, PA 19107